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Jordan Brown at his Hang Tough booth

$100,000 was raised!

The monument has been dedicated:

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Jordan lays a wreath at the monument


Thank you!!! The monument is fully funded and was dedicated in St. Marie Du-Mont, Normandy, France on June 6, 2012.  Donations are still needed to fund the associated documentary which will focus on Major Winters leadership skills.  To donate, please follow the "wristbands and donations" link on the left of this screen.  Thank you for your support of Jordan's efforts.

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Central Pennsylvania student Jordan Brown is a WWII buff and has embarked upon a campaign to ensure that the WWII vets who served on D-Day are memorialized.  In May 2010, he learned of an effort to honor Jordan’s hero, Major Dick Winters, and all the men that served on D-Day by having a statue built in St. Marie Du-Mont, Normandy, France.  (This larger effort is being undertaken by Emmy award winning filmmaker, Tim Gray, see www.TimGrayMedia.com )  When Jordan read about this effort, he decided to embark on his own campaign to make sure that the necessary  monies were raised for the monument.

Major Dick Winters (whose heroism & leadership were captured in the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks mini-series Band of Brothers) is known for using the expression “Hang Tough” when leading his troops in battle and also after the war.  Jordan created olive green wristbands (to match the WWII army uniforms) that are inscribed with the words “Hang Tough”. (These wristbands are similar to the Lance Armstrong “live strong” ones.)

Jordan began distributing these wristbands for minimum donations of $1.  (Jordan wanted to ensure that children could afford them too.)  As word spread of his efforts, a small team of 'adult cheerleaders' formed to help him reach his goal. In addition to raising funds via wristband donations, a fundraiser was held at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, PA on the 67th anniversary of D-Day as a tribute to Major Winters & the Men of Easy Company.  To date, these combined efforts have raised $ 100,000 towards the creation of the monument.

In order to bring greater awareness to his efforts, Jordan has delivered speeches to area civic organizations, marched in parades, manned stands at fairs, and has been interviewed by local media.  (Note:  Major Winters passed away on 1-2-2011.  Jordan plans to "Hang Tough" and continue to collect donations to ensure his hero and the men that served with him are forever remembered.)

WITF (Harrisburg, PA public TV/radio) will be travelling to Normandy with Jordan.  You can follow Jordan and receive updates on the monument dedication by visiting their website at www.WITF.org/Dick-Winters  You can follow Jordan's blog oncerning his trip to Normandy by going to this link www.WITF.org/Hang-Tough


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